Triceratops’s body was designed for lunging and charging

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Without doubt the most dangerous devices for active defense among the Dinosauria emerged in Triceratops.(Dinosaur factory) The scene has been portrayed in paintings, drawings, and illustrations hundreds of times, but it remains thrilling. Tyrannosaurus, the greatest dinosaur to reador, confronts Triceratops, the greatest set of dinosaur horns.(animatronic dinosaur factory) No matchup between predator and prey has ever been more dramatic. It’s somehow fitting that those two massive antagonists lived out their coevolutionary belligerence through the very last days of the very last epoch in the Age of Dinosaurs.


Tyrannosaurus stood over twenty feet tall when fully erect, and a large adult was as heavy as a small elephant—five tons. No predatory dinosaur, no predatory land animal of any sort, had more powerful jaws. (life size dinosaur for sale)Withstanding a Tyrannosaurus’s attack required either tanklike armor—the approach taken by Ankylosaurus—or most powerful defensive weapons—the approach taken by Triceratops.


Triceratops’s body was designed for lunging and charging.(animatronic dinosaur costume) The torso was very short, the chest broad, the hips wide and strong. Fore and hind limbs were very thick for the body size—much thicker than an elephant’s of the same weight—and the paws were wide and compact. No armor plate encased the hide of Triceratops, because its defense was active, head-first, and devastatingly effective. Triceratops and its kin carried far and away the largest and heaviest skull ever to evolve on a land creature—six, seven, even eight feet long, up to four feet wide, and of very solid construction. Where the neck muscles attached to the back of the skull, the cranial bones had expanded sideways and upward and were reinforced to support sudden twisting lunges of the great horns located on the brows.