Traditional dinosaur theory is full of short circuits

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Traditional dinosaur theory is full of short circuits. (Realistic dinosaur suit)Like the antiquated wiring in an overaged house, the details sputter and burn out when specific parts are tested. I have enormous respect for dinosaur paleontologists past and present. But on average, for the last fifty years, the field hasn’t tested dinosaur orthodoxy severely enough.


A lot of modern scientists—even some paleontologists—insist on saying that fossils are misleading.(Animatronic dinosaur) “Dead bones don’t metabolize so how can physiology in dinosaurs be discussed?”


Ecologists who study the Serengeti Plain or the rain forests of Burma are impressed by the complex ways animal species interact with each other and with their habitats: “How can a few spare bones capture all the organic subtlety of long-extinct systems?”(walking dinosaur costume) Many people dismiss the record of the rocks as an incomplete and nearly unreadable document. Darwin himself did that; he didn’t trust fossils to indicate the entire truth. But these views are wrongheaded. The Book of Job—oldest in the Bible—admonishes, “Speak to the Earth and it will teach thee.” If we look and listen carefully, the record of the rocks can unlock the richly textured story of the dinosaurs and their ways.