Toogreeg was the important site exploration in Gobi

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Toogreeg was the important site exploration in Gobi

Toogreeg was the most important site of the Polish-Mongolian exploration in Gobi. Animatronic dinosaur for sale The gray-white fossiliferous sandstone reside on big slopes in Toogreeg. The’ropks,are poorly cemented and contain numerous bones of Protoeeratops. In 1995, Japanese colleagues found a nest of Protoeeratops babies, 17 in total. Judging from the burial situation and rock cementation, these deposites were made by wind.Many other protoceratopian skeletons were collected here. Hadrosaur bones were found nearby.


In Nemegt, Dr. Y. Kobayashi discovered an almost complete skeleton of an oviraptorid including well-preserved skull. animatronic t-rex The specimens were described Lu Jun- Chang and Kobayashi in 2004.It was named Nemegtia barsholdi in honour of Dr.Barbold and the locality.


During the summer of 1997, the Chinese- Japanese-Mongolian animatronic dinosaur supplier Mongolian Plateau Expedition worked in the Alxa Gobi of Inner Mongolia, There are two groups of Cretaceous red deposites recognized in the Suhuntu area of the Alxa Gobi.The lower deposites, called Ulanhushao Group, contain .volcanic basalt. This group Consists of red, gray-green sandstone that yielded the Early Cretaceous Psittacosaurus fauna. The upper depositis, called Suhuntu Group , are made mainly of purple sandstone. Ornithomimid and hadrosaur fossils were also found in these Late Cretaceous beds.


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