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To follow the pattern of coevolution between dinosaurs and plants, the major turning points in the development of each must be defined, then laid side by side. (dinosaur theme park manufacturer)Among the herbivorous dinosaurs, three grand periods of development are clearly marked:


1. The Age of Anchisaurs. The Late Triassic and Earliest Jurassic, when the long-necked anchisaurs ruled. (lifelike dinosaur costume)Anchisaurs were primitive, crude plant-eaters by Cretaceous standards. They had simple, iguanalike teeth, suitable for soft leaves only, and their digestive system wasn't much expanded.


2. The Age of the High Feeders (stegosaurs and brontosaurs). The Mid and Late Jurassic, when the spike-tailed stegosaurs joined the gigantic Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, and Brontosaurus.


3. The Age of the Low Feeders. (lifelike dinosaur for sale)The Cretaceous, when all the terrestrial habitats were overrun by big beaked dinosaurs which fed close to the ground. Each of these types had its own unique approach to cropping the foliage, so each must have made a distinctive impact on the coevolutionary history of plants.

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