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T/K Boundary of the Heilongjiang Area


T/K Boundary of the Heilongjiang Area

In 1974, a dinosaur specimen was collected by the IYPP. The specimen consists of the second cervical through the 'fifth caudal vertebrae, animatronic dinosaur though missing leg bones. It the had a pelvic girdle with characteristic therizinosauroid features and the specimen was named Nanshiungosaurus by the author of this book.

In the 1980s, the Sino-Germany paleontological expedition was organized to explore the Nanxiong Basin. The expedition thoroughly studied sti’atigraphy of the basin. Paleomagnetic data provided an evidence for some layers refer to the T/K boundary in the Nanxiong Basin. Numerous dinosaur eggs were discovered throughout the basin.


Chinese and German paleontologists noted that eggshells collected before and from the T/K deposites became thinner. This might have eventually led to insufficieny of dinosaur embryos to complete their development, and hence, the extinction of dinosaurs. Surprisingly, no iridium irregularities were detected at the T/K boundary in the Nanxiong Basin.


In 2002, the Jilin University organized an international seminar on investigation of the T/K boundary in the Jiayin County, Heilongjiang Province. On the cross section , there is a set ol coal containing deposits exposed on the Bai-Shan-tou section ( White Mountain Head ) on the south bank of Heilongjiang River. These strata yielded the T/K boundary flora and fauna. Russian paleontologists claimed the Bai- Shan-tou fossils are identical with those found at the T/K boundary deposits in the Russian Far East ( Sun et al, 2007 ) . The exploration project of the T/K boundary in Bai-Shan-tou was supported by the Chinese Natural Science Foundation.

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