Three theropod dinosaurs

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Three theropod dinosaurs, Lukousaurus, Sinosaurus , and Dilophosaurus

Three theropod dinosaurs, Lukousaurus, Sinosaurus , and Dilophosaurus were also found in the redbeds of Yunnan Walking dinosaur costume.


In 1987, the Kunming Museum made a remarkable discovery of two somewhat associated skeletons at the Xiyang village southwest of Kunming in the Jinning County. One of them has belonged to Yunnanosaurus , the other one possessed a double crested skull, flat but sharp claws and was later given the name Dilophosaurus sinensis. Lifelike Dinosaur Costume Dilophnsaurus fossils were originally found in the Lower Jurassic in Arizona, USA. Discovery of this animal in Asia is a very important for paleogeographical and phylogenetic reasons. From stratigraphical point of vire, it has been further proved that sedimentary time of the Lower Lufeng Formation with the Lufeng Fauna, corresponds the Early Jurassic beds of Kayenta Formation in Arizona, North America.


In 1990, the Lufeng Dinosaur Museum collected a complete Dilophosaurus in the Lufeng Basin. The size of this dinosaur was a little largerthan the one from Jinning, having about 5.6 m in thelenght. The skull was low and long with double crests along the long axis of the skull. The author of this book compared the maxillary teeth of the both specimens, and found out that they are similar to those of Sinosaurus , described by Young in 1948. They might have belonged to the same taxon.


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