This was an Age of Dinosaurs

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Here and there the low places of the floodplain filled with black, stagnant water and putrefying leaves and branches, leaving a record of dark, carbon-rich mudstone and shale. (Realistic animated  dinosaur)Torrential spring rains cut channels into the plain and filled them with gravel, crossbedded sand and mud. For five million years the floodplain here served as the arena for all these environmental agents, each performing its function in shaping the quantities of soil and leaving its own unique imprint on the sediments. (animatronic dinosaur costume) And everywhere, in every habitat, there were dinosaurs—huge multi-ton brontosaurs swinging their long necks from treetop to treetop; predatory allosaurs, running on their enlarged hind legs, like some nightmarish bird; armored stegosaurs, ornamented with bony triangles along their back, brandishing a formidable set of spikes at the end of their muscular tail; little theropods, some no bulkier than a turkey, darting through the meadows and gallery forests along the stream courses, catching small prey.


The record of the rocks speaks eloquently here, without hesitation or ambiguity—this was an Age of Dinosaurs, a time when all the large ecological roles on the terrestrial stage were played by dinosaurs of one family or another. (real dinosaur suit)The domination of the dinosaurs extended across all the categories of large flesh-eater, large leaf-eater, and large omnivore. And dinosaurs spread their ecological hegemony across a worldwide empire, devoid of geographical limits. Dinosaurs are the unchallenged majority in all the fossil samples of large vertebrates on every continent from Australia to Siberia, New Jersey to Calcutta during this time. Dinosaurs like these lying in my Wyoming pit are being excavated by Iberian paleontologists in Portugal, by Chinese geologists in Yunnan Province, and by Zimbabwan naturalists along the banks of the Zambesi River in East Africa. No corner of the Mesozoic world withstood colonization by dinosaurs.