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These are the classic conditions of a tropical drought


The crux of the matter is this. Walking dinosaur costume Assume that the total environmental heat load (from the sun, air, sky, and landscape) is fairly high, but still low enough for the animal to radiate heat out into the environment (around 95'-100'F). No study has ever shown that giants really will overheat under such conditions. In fact, the higher the normal body temperature of an animal, the better. This is because the air temperature must be even higher before it can start flowing into the animal. realistic dinosaur costume The heating problem is reduced if plenty of water is available for the animal to drink and use for evaporative cooling.


Things really get tough when the totql external heat flux is so hrgh thot more heot flows into the animal thon can flow out, and water is nof avoilable for evaporqtive cooling. These are the classic conditions of a tropical drought. Animatronic dinosaur Water holes dry up and clear skies let daytime temperatures reach 100" to 120"F or more. In this case, animals are desperate to keep the heat out, for there is no way they can get rid of the heat already inside them. The best way to do this is to be big, to let sheer bulk insulate against the in-flowing warmth. Not only that, but the abundant mass stores the heat building up inside without raising the body temperature as fast. So, little antelopes overheat in a few minutes, and must seek the cooling shade of the brush. Big antelopes and elephants heat up much more slowly, and they can remain more in the open as their body temperatures gradually rise to such fantastic heights as 115'F. The reason that this method works is because the big animals get a daily break from the heat. Unwanted heat is radiated into the cool night sky, and the bulk insulators are ready to start the rycle over again next morning.

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