Theropods were active, sociable

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Almost all predatory dinosaur fossils come from flat floodplain deposits, deltas, and a few higher basins. This is not because they lived only in such places, but that the sediments that buried and preserved their remains formed only there. Theropods certainly lived in hilly and mountainous teruain, but such high places were subject to erosion, and the remains of animals that lived on them could not be preserved. Animatronic Dinosaur for sale Just as elephants climb escarpments and steep mountain slopes, so could giant theropods. Small theropods must also have preyed on the little animals living on cragg:y mountain peaks.


In sum, from the traditional image of sluggish, solitary, scavenging animals afraid to get their feet wet, theropods were active, sociable, and dangerous archpredators.