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Theropods probably did not use their teeth as much in disputes


Most theropods used teeth as their main weapons of predation. After all, the long rows of teeth were the largest, life size dinosaur model highest powered, and most lethal weapons available. Their arms and the claws of their hands were less effective for inflicting wounds. Instead, they helped position the victim during the attack, or assisted in tearing up the carcass afterward. Note that, being twolegged, dinosaurs could grab on with their arms much more easily than any living four-legged meat eater, which gave them a distinct advantage. The hind legs and toe claws of most theropods were not specialized killing tools either. These were, however, good weapons of dispute for fights between species over breeding privileges, hunting temitory, and carcasses. Theropods fighting among themselves may have kicked out at their opponents. When at Johns Hopkins, Robert Bakker once pointed out to me that the earlier theropods may have bounced 'kangaroostyle" on their stout tails and slashed out with their big clawed feet. This became the subject of my first published dinosaur illustrationto. Most of the more advanced theropods had smaller toe claws and tails, so they must have delivered stunkicks like modern ostriches do. Animatronic dinosaur for sale Theropods probably did not use their teeth as much in disputes, where the risk of delivering or receiving fatal wounds was too great. However, the television nature-show standard that quarreling animals always avoid killing one another is another romantic falsehood. Male lions often kill one another in fierce battles over domination of a pride.

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