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There was a strong central core in the heads of the predatory dinosaurs


There was a strong central core in the heads of the predatory dinosaurs: their thick-walled braincase. (dinosaur factory)The term "braincase" is a misnomer in dinosaur anatomy, because in fact the brain of larger species was minute compared to the surrounding mass of bone. The primary function of the dinosaur's "braincase" was to provide attachment sites for the neck muscles and to serve as the foundation point for all the thinner, more flexible components of the snout, palate, and roof of the skull.


The biggest surprise found in Madsen's ceratosaur skull was the tooth-bearing bones of the snout. (animatronic dinosaur costume)Instead of being firmly attached to the braincase, the tooth-bearing bones were only loosely bound to the top of the snout and the roof of the mouth. Such looseness is repeated all through this skull.(lifelike dinosaur for sale) The tall strut of bone (called the quadrate) which connected the lower jaw to the braincase shared a hinge joint with the top rear corner of the skull. When this strut swung outward, it splayed out the jaw to the sides.


Even the lower jaw was loosely constructed of two sections. (realistic animatronic dinosaur)The front section carried the teeth, the rear housed the muscles and joint of the jaw. The front and rear complexes met along a quite loose ligamentous junction. At the dinosaur's chin, the right and left lower jaws met at yet another very weak joint held together by ligaments.

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