dinosaur factory

As required, our factory is producing many small dinosaurs, those small dinosaurs group is used for kids amusement, and will. not occupy too much space even with dozens of dinosaurs, they are all in high quality metal steel and brand DC motors (inner), High density sponge (middle) and 3-4 layers silicone rubber (surface).

And normally our technicians will design 2-4 sets of movement programs, 2-8 different sounds, start randomly by sensor, besides, the sound volume and movement speed will be adjustable.the shape will be manually sculpted and coated by a professional artist to have an alive-look and touch and painted with a custom desired color.

Real Dinosaur Exhibition Manufacturer – REALDINOSAUR

Even the dinosaurs are the new attractions comparing to other amusement products, the dinosaurs can fit for many fields like amusement park, dinosaur park, zoo, science and technology museum, educational equipment, festival exhibition, outdoor or indoor equipment, theme park, shopping mall, square, playground equipment, ornament.

No matter where you use the dinosaurs, it will be splendid once those dinosaurs standing in front of you, everyone will be astonished by the growl and howl sounds of the dinosaur group, let alone the big dinosaurs, which will be described subsequently.

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