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A Special Museum – The Zigong Dinosaur Museum

Zigong is located approximately 240km southwest of  Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province.  Animatronic dinosaur It is widely known as the “Salt City” of China. From very beginning of the Han Dynasty ( 202BC ~ 220AD ) , Zigong people had extracted brine from water wells to make pure salt. The brine is stored in rocks from the Triassic and Jurassic period. Jurassic continental deposits that yield dinosaur bones are quite thick and well exposed in the Zigong region. G. D. Louderback, an American geologist, is known as the first explorer who collected a dinosaur bone in the region in 1913 ~ 1915. It was a leg bone that belonged to a meat-eating dinosaur ( theropod ) . This specimen is currently housed in the Museum of California University ( Camp 1935 ) .


In 1936, C. Camp, an American paleontologist, and C. C. Young worked together in the Xi-Gua- shan region ( Watermelon Mountains ) , animatronic dinosaur for sale  on outskirts of Yunxia County in the Sichuan Province. They discovered fossil remains of a large sauropod dinosaur there. It was the very first saurpod known -from the Sichuan Basin, and was named Omeisaurus junghsiensis by Young in 1939.


In 1972, the Chongqing Municipal Museum organized systematic excavations in Wujiaba near Zigong after having dug for 3 months, 106 crates of fossils weighing more than 10 tons were collected from the Upper Jurassic beds of the Shaximiao Formation. The fossil collection was studied by S. Zhou and the author of this book. They recognized two skeletons of Omeisaurus , a skeleton of Szechuanosaurus and Tuojiangnsaurus. The Tunjiangosaurus remains represent the first complete stegosaur skeleton ever collected in Asia. This stegosaur shows similar features to those in its relative, Kentrosaurus,, from finding to the both Zigong Salt Industry History Museum and IVPP in Beijing. At that time China was involved in the Cultural Revolution program, so unfortunately no attention was given to these fossils.

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