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The “World Dinosaur Valley” of Lufeng


The “World Dinosaur Valley” of Lufeng

Recently, a new Middle Jurassic locality with dinosaur bones was discovered near a small village E ’ na at the southeast corner of Lufeng County in the Chuanjie region. Walking Dinosaur Costume The fossil site is located right along the freeway, about 80 km far from Kunming to Da-li. This locality is very famous now due to unexpected abundance of dinosaur fossils unearthed there. It has got the name as “Chuanjei Dinosaur Mountain” .


During last 10 years of excavations in the area less than 3000 m2 yielded 28 dinosaur skeletons. Dinosaur Costume One of them, a nearly complete skeleton belonged to a new 27m long sauropod called Chuanjiesaurus. On the other side, a complete skeleton of a new carnivrous dinosaur was given name Shidiasaurus. More than ten fossil turtles and fish were found as well.


The “ Chuanjei Dinosaur Mountain” has been designated as a national protected area by the Chinese government. In April 2008, the Lufeng “World Dinosaur Valley” project was approved to protect this unique locality for future generations of dinosaur researchers, science popularization, education, and tourism.

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