The word dinosaur comes from the Greek for “terrible lizard”

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The word dinosaur comes from the Greek for "terrible lizard",but despite their name, dinosaurs are not really lizards at all. Rather, they are members of the animal group called archosaurs. Living archosaurs are crocodilians and birds. The extinct flying “reptiles” or pterosaurs, which flew on batlike wings, are also in this bunch. All archosaurs descended from the earliest archosaur group, the rather crocodile-like thecodonts of the Triassic Period. Usually, archosaurs are considered reptiles, but some of us progressive types think they are too different from reptiles to be called that. Hence, the reader will find that I never refer to dinosaurs as reptiles, but as archosaurs. lifelike dinosaur costume


Predatory dinosaurs came in three basic types-paleodinosaurs, herreravians, and theropods. The first two, which were four-toed, were limited in success. The theropods, which had three toes, were much more numerous and longer lasting; among the better known genera are Tyrannosaurus, Allosaurus, Coe/ophysis, Velociraptor, and Ornithomimus. Sporting a birdlike extraordinary that when one looks at a jewel hummingbird, hov¬ering as it sips nectar, one is seeing a true relative of Tyranno¬saurus rex. It is a wonderful thing, and a superb example of what random genetic mutations guided by selective forces can do. animatronic dinosaur factory


The relationship between theropods and birds is so close that birds can be considered flying theropods, and theropods can in turn be thought of as early terrestrial birdsThis may be true in the formal, literal sense. A good argument can be made that birds should be classified as dinosaurs, just as the flying bats are considered mammals. So if someone points to a sparrow and says, “oh, what a nice little dinosaur,” they are quite in line with the latest thinking.

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