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The traditional classification of the reptiles is by the arrangement of holes in the side of the skull behind the eyes. The most primitive in this classification are the anapsids - those that lacked any bole. Nowadays this group is known as the parareptiles because certain features differ from those in the other reptilian lineages. Some members such as Millcretra, however, did confusingly have holes in the skull.(walking dinosaur costume)


When this creature was discovered in the 1960s it was thought to have been an early member of a fairly advanced group, but later studies by Debraga and Reisz in 1996 show that it is actually the earliest known of the parareptiles. Comparison with other vertebrates suggests that the parareptiles evolved from the main reptile stem as far back as the late Carboniferous.(animatronic dinosaur)


Features: Acleistorhinus is a small lizard-like animal. Its closest relatives are Lanthanosuchus and Macroleter from later deposits in Russia, showing that the parareptiles were very widespread during the early part of their history. The head is quite solid and the teeth unspecialized for anything in particular -they are all about the same size, conical and only slightly curved. The jaw is short and very powerful. Acleistorhinus probably fed on the insects that abounded at the time.

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