The most famous dinosaur graveyard in the world

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Their empire was firmly landlocked. Unchallenged though they were on land, dinosaurs rarely went to sea, and so seemed to suffer that abhorrence of salt water which has limited many a human empire from Alexander to Napoleon. (Dinosaur costume)Reptilian leviathans are found in the Sundance outcrop-fish lizards, sea crocodiles, and the serpent- necked plesiosaurs. But these sea monsters are all from groups only distantly related to the Dinosauria proper.


If we proceed from the Fish Hatchery back to camp, climbing through the last Sundance sandstone ledge, the rock changes color from green to blotches of red and maroon, signalling the shift in the ancient habitats from shallow tropical sea to floodplain and river. (full size dinosaur)This next layer of rock is the most famous dinosaur graveyard in the world: the Morrison Formation, named for a tiny Colorado town south of Boulder. It was the outcrops of the Morrison Formation here at Como Bluff that made Brontosaurus a household word in the 1880s. Union Pacific Railway station managers found huge bones along their right-of-way and cabled this news to Othniel Charles Marsh, stuffy but sagacious Yale paleontologist. (real dinosaur suit)Marsh hired the railway men to excavate the bones, crate them, and send them by boxcar to New Haven. News of the spectacularly complete Como dinosaurs galvanized the international community of scholars, who had been frustrated by the poor fragments of Jurassic dinosaurs available from French and English quarries.