The length between perpendiculars of the articular joints of the thighbone

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The length between perpendiculars of the articular joints of the thighbone. (Walking dinosaur costume)I include this because it is a key measurement of a major bone, around which I calculate the other measurements of the skeleton-specifically, all the skeletal restorations were drawn to a common femur length of 105 mm. In addition, the femur lengths of some species have not been published elsewhere, and others have had to be estimated. Hrp Hnrcur: This gives an idea of the vertical height of’the animal when standing still in a normal, horizontal pose. The measurement is always approximate because it depends on the exact stance of the hind limbs. If there is no skeletal restoration, hip height is estimated only if a good hind limb is known for the species. Always in meters.(Realistic dinosaur costume)


Tonnage is used when the subject is above 1 metric tonne (l mt : 1000 kg o. L.025 U.S. tons), kilogrammage is used when the subject is below that value, and grammage when it is below a kilogram (1 kg : 1000 g or 2.205 lb). Because the shape of predatory dinosaurs is unlike that of anything alive today, the only way to estimate their weights is from models. (Animatronic dinosaur)The restored skeletons were carefully sculpted as muscle models in nondrying plasticine. The predators’bellies were always sculpted as hollow; otherwise, their latest victim would be counted as part of their weight. The bellies of the herbivorous ornithomimids and oviraptors always contained plant material so their bellies were fuller.