The fate of a Stegosaurus

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The fate of a Stegosaurus


A tetrapod skeleton is rarely found complete. Many things can have happened to the dead body before it became buried and fossilized.

1 Above: A Stegosaurus is killed by a hunting Allosaurus. The big meat-eater eats its fill, inevitably much of the body is left uneaten.(dinosaur playground equipment)

2 Above: Smaller meat-eaters, such as Ceratosaurus. wait until the Allosaurus has fed and departed and then scavenge most of the flesh left behind.

3 Above: The scraps that remain are eaten by even smaller scavengers, and the rest is broken down by insects and fungi. By this time the skeleton is scattered.

4 Above: Eventually the scattered bones are buried by river deposits during the wet season as the plain floods. Now the process of fossilization can begin.