The best place to start looking at predacious dinosaur anatomy

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The best place to start looking at predacious dinosaur anatomy is at the business end of things, the head and neck. Animatronic Dinosaur Predatory dinosaur heads are very interesting because they are both advanced in being birdlike, and still “primitive” in certain reptilian ways, such as their long rows of uniform lizard-like teeth. This is quite unlike the herbivorous ornithischian dinosaurs, whose beaked, solidly constructed skulls and spoon-crowned teeth are far more altered from the typical reptilian pattern. It is also unlike the carnivorous mammals of the time, with their extremely modified skulls and complex teeth.


Narrowness and depth are the most obvious birdlike features of predatory dinosaur heads. This is a basic archosaurian adaptation, that contrasts with the broad, walking dinosaur costume shallow heads of lizards and crocs. Most predacious dinosaur heads were made up of a “box and a triangle.” The back of the skull-its cheek region- consisted of a flat-topped and flat-sided box. The skull narrowed in front of the cheeks, at the orbit, into the more triangular-shaped snout-triangular because the snout became shallower and less broad going forward, and because the top of the snout was not as wide as the lower, tooth-bearing edges.