The beginning of the Age of Dinosaurs

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The skeletons of a Protoceratops and a fierce little Velociraptor where found wrapped around one another. The meat-eater s arm was seized in the ceratopsian’s beak, while the long claws of the former were clutched tightly to the latter’s head shield. The two had been buried and died while in the middle of their struggle. Elsewhere in the desert, dinosaur nests and eggs have been preserved in sandstone. One nest, belonging to the theropod Oviraptory even had the mother dinosaur sirring across it, in a vain attempt to incubate her eggs as the sandstorm engulfed her.
In the Triassic, at the beginning of the Age of Dinosaurs, northern Scotland consisted of several arid basins. Here the remains of desert animals buried in sand rotted away completely, leaving bone-shaped holes in the subsequent sandstone. Skeletons of animals, such as the aetosaur StagotiolepiSy have been reconstructed from latex poured into these natural moulds.(walking dinosaur costume)
The oldest evidence for sand dunes in the Sahara Desert dates from 7 million ears ago – the Miocene. These deposits contain the bones of the early hominid Ardipethicus suggesting that our ancestors were versatile enough to leave the woodlands and forests.


Below: The shifting sands and airtome dust clouds of the desert were constant threats to the dinosaurs of the late Cretaceous Gobi Desert. Often they were buried in hollows or on the flanks of collapsing sand dunes.