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The Triassic period is regarded as the beginning of the Age of Dinosaurs, although the dinosaurs did not appear until its end.

At that time the landmass of the world was joined together in a supercontinent known as Pangaea. Its centre was so far from the sea that desert conditions prevailed, and the only habitable areas were around the coastal rim. Here the dinosaurs developed, alongside the mammals that were later destined to replace them. The dinosaurs evolved along with the vegetation that was to support them (from seed ferns in the early Triassic to conifers in the late Triassic), and later they evolved to prey upon other creatures which ate the plantlife. walking dinosaur costume


the beginning of the Age of Dinosaurs THETRIASSICPERIOD


Mass-extinction at the end of the Permian cleared the way for all sorts of new animals to evolve. However, some of the old groups did survive and continued to flourish until the end of the Triassic. One such group consisted of the temnospondyls - an order of amphibians named for a complex structure ofthe backbone - some of which lasted until the Cretaceous period.

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