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Among dinosaurs found in the Nemegt Basin, Tarbosamus seems to be the top predator.lt is also the largest carnivorous dinosaur, a tyrannosaurid, found in Asia. It seems that tarbosaurs quite common component of the Late Cretaceous fauna in Central Asia. Tarbosaurus appears to be most closely related to Tyrannosaurus in North America.The both theropods played the same ecological role in the faunal communities, either as active hunters or scavengers.


The Russian Expeditions also discovered one of the largest duck-billed dinosaurs ( hadrosaurs ) in the Nemegt Basin. The hadrosaur that measured 7.7 meters in height and over 12 meters in length was named as Saurolophus. It had jaws bearing a horny, toothless beak, and batteries of cheek teeth well suited for processing resistant vegetation. Saurolophus belonged to gregarious-type of dinosaurs that frequented inhabited areas with shores near shallow lakes and rivers.

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