T-Rex Walking Costume

6.5m new materials t-rex walking costume with stilt operator performance

The client from Spain recently ordered three dinosaur costumes, two raptor costumes, and one t-rex costume in 6.5m, special customized among of them.

The two raptors are made from high density sponge with silicon rubber materials, and the big t-rex costume is installed with stilts inside, which will require special train to have a good shows, it is so big that can seemly eat the other two dinosaurs.

The finished photo of the t-rex costume will be shared soon, as it is planned to be painted today, which will be based on the color scheme of the film of Jurassic world 2, so excited.

Here is the photo of the finished t-rex costume with the two raptor costumes, which remind people of the classic scene of the Jurassic world 2, the dinosaurs are fighting each others, firstly being the rivals, but later being the friends or partners, as they defeat the fierce D-rex dinosaur, which impressed so many fans, and the t-rex is custom-made according to the operator in sizes of 1.8m in height, much bigger than other normal dinosaur costumes, like the two raptor costumes around, there is no difficulty to perform in such big sizes, as the balance and materials usage are improved and specially designed, then the big dinosaur costume will become the hottest dinosaur costumes in 2020.

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