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T-Rex silicon rubber dinosaur costume puppet


As to the manufacturing plan on March, our factory just finished another T-Rex costume, which is on the way to the Malaysia client, it comes to life after the cooperation between  the modelers and the artists together, the vertebra proportion, textures and spines existing the right places.


Dinosaur performance (3)


The painting work is going smooth, then we assign the performer to take it on the show outside the factory, what has to be pointed out is that our performers are all trained well for years, that is why the performance turns out to be so realistic.


Dinosaur performance (2)


The next job is hiring an "enthusiastic performer" to take on the job of one of the most ferocious creatures to ever walk on the earth, namely the tyrannosaurus costume, the dinosaur is for an upcoming exhibit, with the T-Rex costume can add to the exhibit to animate it a little bit, and the guy will be responsible for bringing to life an animatronic dinosaur costume. By the way, it's about four meters long and two meters tall.


dino suit


Just like others, MJ gets the innovative ideas being inspired by the "Dinosaur Encounters" show at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, what needed to mention is that the job qualifications include a height of at least five-foot-seven and a size nine or 10 shoe, It's part-time work though, which will be a blessing for whoever bids to wear the 23-kilogram (50-pound) suit. There will be some evening and weekend work.



Dinosaur performance (1)


Image the scene that a six-year-old or a 12-year-old to see a larger dinosaur, it just brings it to life, what a fantastic landscape it will be!

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