Dinosaur theme park will not only equip with the large dinosaur equipment like animatronic dinosaur models, but also always be equipped with some smaller dinosaur amusement equipment for children to play, the intention is to help to be a great success of the exhibition with multi-dimensional dinosaur equipment.

Dinosaur rides:

Most of the dinosaurs are mainly carnivorous dinosaurs in sizes of ranging from 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, among of them 4 meters dinosaur rides are most common, and 5 meters dinosaur rides need to be matched with a ladder in height of 2.5 meters or so, the parents can accompany in case that the children may be afraid. If you feel that carnivorous dinosaurs are too fierce, you can also configure a herbivorous dinosaur rides, so that to let the daring children play.

Super Fun Dinosaur Equipment For Playground

Walking dinosaur rides:

Now walking dinosaur rides are manufactured mostly by 4 feet, as there are some advantages: firstly the children can operate more easily with the steering wheel; second, the failure rate greatly reduced; third, the stability is greatly guaranteed; Fourth, no damage caused to the venue, the walking dinosaur rides can available for shopping malls, parks, squares and other venues.

Dinosaur scooters:

Dinosaur scooters belonging to the dinosaur toy cars are a hot new product in recent years, it is relatively small in only two meters long, with movements like can move forward and backward. Besides, we have also improved in the pedal where we installed a foot switch, the dinosaur scooters will move immediately you step on the pedal, stop when you lift your feet up, this design is done mainly for the safety of children. There is also equipped with a counter in the bottom of the dinosaur cars, to record the total usage time, it is more convenient to manage.

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