Outdoor playground equipment static dinosaur sculpture for sale

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Apart from those animatronic dinosaurs, which the clients ask for more, there are still many static dinosaurs some other clients will order for their dinoparks, or just use the static dinosaur to exhibit at some certain places.


static dinosaur for sale


static dinosaur sculpture for sale


The static dinosaur can be manufactured by high density sponge or fiberglass, if using the high density sponge, then the static dinosaur will be just 100% similarity to the animatronic dinosaurs in manufacturing way(just without making the movements, without motors inside), if using the fiberglass, then the static dinosaur will be absolutely different, it will be 100% similarity to the dinosaur skeleton or fossil, needing to make a mould.


Speak of the static dinosaur, there are many advantages, take an example: dinosaurs are made of foam(sponge), easily being stolen and damaged severely, for example on the occasion when holding the expo in South Africa, the expo replaced some static dinosaurs with the fiberglass dinosaur models, to meet with the public during the day yesterday.


realistic dinosaur sculpture for sale


Outdoor playground equipment static dinosaur sculpture for sale



Just as the experts Li Yong said, from Shanghai expertising in the design and manufacturing, these dinosaur model are made of fiberglass, so this fiberglass is very strong, difficult to steal or damage. However, the higher cost is several times than the foam dinosaurs, each unit of fiberglass dinosaurs is more than 50,000RMB. In this way, we need to appeal to the general public can take care of those dinosaurs at the same time, and if possible, the expo need to assign some relative responsible persons to guarantee the security on the spot.