Stage performance dinosaur cosplay light weight animal dinosaur costume

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The most realistic BBC walking dinosaur costume just walked out of the factory, the slim body model and color pattern are with high similarity to the previous BBC dinosaur costume, and what’ more, our workers also make some special painting handles, like the war paint on the eyes, it is more like that the dinosaur is going to attend some balls or costume parties.


Dinosaur suits (2)


No need high engineering background after using the BBC high quality dinosaur costume, anyone can use the T-Rex costume, who could wear for a Halloween costume contest, the one will definitely win the envy from everyone else.


Dinosaur suits (4)


Take care when the dinosaur is turning the head and facing to you, it goes to eat you, look out the sharp teeth, it is dangerous if you aggravate the T-Rex king, so be generos firstly, then make friends with the dinosaur, it will be your bosom friend.


Dinosaur suits (6)


The dinosaur is on the way to the Memphis, and will arrive at the destination around middle Feb., at that moment, our company will share the photos during the stage show performance, then everyone can see the bright and brave dinosaur, to be continued…


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