Customized T-rex costume for Spanish customers

On 20th May 2015, one client named Raluca from Spain sent me the inqury, and then called me several times, just to inform me that she wanted to buy the dinosaur costume, and very urgent to get the dinosaur costume before 15th June, and she firstly looked for one dinosaur costume with legs uncovered, which is most popular in the foreign countries, but later on, Raluca decided to order one T-Rex dinosaur costume with legs covered, then i assigned the workers to manufacture, i am showing the photos during the modeling.

Then when the T-Rex costume is needed to be painted, the client decide the colors same to the model i cooperated with one Chile client, the basic color is green, which indeed asking for a high requirement on the texture and details, but fortunately, our painters tried to meet the demands, and the finished colors are so close to the previous model, we were all happy with the result.

Before transportation, i went to the scene, and took the photos during the performance, but it is really needed to notice when putting on the legs covered dinosaur costume, because the space to get in is limited, sometimes, you’d better find one person to help you.

In fact, this phase is needed, because we can also test the realistic dinosaur costume at the same time, finally, there was no problem.


After the performance, i assigned my workers to pack the T-Rex costume with Bubble film, then putting into the air case, nowadays, my company will giveaway one air case for each dinosaur costume, and now the T-Rex costume has arrived at Spain, and Raluca has received and held the events, which is very successfully.

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