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Soletwdotisaurns was an enigmatic lizard- like animal that has been classed with the earliest ancestors of rhe reptiles, even though its date makes it too late to he any kind of an ancestor. Latest research seems to put it just on the amphibian side of the line although various studies by different scientists are constantly revising its position in relation to other primitive tetrapods. It is one of the ongoing mysteries of palaeontology. It is known from incomplete skeletons, lacking the hind limbs and tail.

Animatronic Dinosaur

Features:Another small animal of lizard-like appearance, it has sharp slightly curved teeth, suggesting that it had an insectivorous diet. The skull is flat and the ear structure is simple, indicating that its hearing did not have much sensitivity to high- pitched airborne sounds. The back is covered in circular bony scales and there are long scales on its belly, presumably as protection while crawling over the ground. The backbone is more like that of contemporary land-living amphibians than a reptile. However, the teeth do not have the deeply folded enamel structure that we see in contemporary amphibians - the structure that gives rise to the term "labyrinthodont" to describe them.

Below: The rear part of this restoration is speculative, and based on the appearance of other tetrapods of the time.

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