Simulation Dinosaur Rides

Every kid image that they can ride on the animal, just like the adults drive the cars, it is really a great dream for kids, now our company can help those kids to realize.

There are two types of dinosaurs, which people can walk with the dinosaurs, one of them is the walking dinosaur costumes, the other one is the walking dinosaur rides, both of them are becoming more and more popular for kids amusement, the parents will always take their children to have fun in the amusement park.

Walking Dinosaur Rides

Specific to the walking dinosaur rides, our technicians suggest that the customers should better choose the sizes not surpassing 5 m, and the perfect size is 4 m in fact, which is also proved to be the best sizes from previous hundreds of cases.

Normally 4 m walking dinosaur rides can load 100-150 kg, so it is enough to allow that one or two kids to ride on, as the photo showing, the Ankylosaurus ride is ridden by two kids, one of the kids is controlling the steering wheel, which can decide the directions to left or to right, even can turn around.

There is one another reason why the technicians suggest to manufacture the walking dinosaur rides in 4 m, it is because that the height will be not surpassing 1.5 m, then the kids can ride the dinosaurs as their will, even without the parents accompany, it will be safe enough.

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