zigong dinosaur costume manufacturer

The recent two T-Rex costumes of different types are well done, especially on the skin making and textures modifying, only when observing the HD photos during the process, it will be clear to know that how hard and precise it is to complete the dinosaurs.

REALDINOSAUR is a professional silicon rubber dinosaur costume factory

The legs hidden T-Rex costume is more difficult and complicated, because to cover the legs completely, the workers have to use the hook and loop or zippers all over the split pants, besides, each zipper will be installed with the tap to make sure to fasten the zipper.

To help the operator to control easily, the legs are covered with the light weight sponge, which is labelled with yellow colors, it will be more loose and flexible enough even with the silicon rubber, to guarantee the movements by the adult operators.

Therefore, the best quality dinosaur costumes are coming before your eyes, the performers are walking with their dinosaur costumes, and interacting now and then, looks like they are fighting for the territory, fortunately, each dinosaur will be put with one collar, then the conflict can be avoided.

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