Shopping mall funny machine kiddie rides dinosaur toy cars

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As mentioned in the previous article, the dinosaur toy cars with umbrella are all finished, and now we can see the results, which may remind you of the experience in the driving school, it is waterproof or sunproof, you can take the umbrella off or install them on as you like, as we design the connection specially, and the three models are made into different kinds of dinosaurs, even one of the models is coming from the cartoon film with wings.


dinosaur toy cars


With the umbrella, the kids or adults can ride and walk with them anytime outdoor, no matter it is rainy or sunny in hot weather, it is the first time our factory installs the umbrella on the dinosaur toy cars, even we have figured out the way many months ago, but to realize the thought is because one of the clients is putting forward, by the way, the colors is optional, which can be selected based on the client’s favorite.








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