Shopping mall center kiddie rides with dinosaur model toy cars

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On August 17th, 2017, one client from Ecuador demanded on the dinosaur toy cars, as the local kiddie can ride with dinosaur model toy cars in shopping mall center, all of the requirements are same to the previous cases, but the only difference is that the client wants to add one umbrella on each model of the toy car, which is never done before, we talked with the technicians, and told that it is easy to install one kinds of the device for protect from the rain and sun.


dinosaur toy cars (2)


And for this new design of the umbrella, i think it will become one of the features attracting the eyes of the clients, because it is different but useful for outdoor rides for kids, it is waterproof and sunproof, and the device can be detachable, depending on the usage, what’s more , it will not occupy too much space, we can take it off and fold it when packing, more photos will be shared when being finished days later.


dinosaur toy cars (1)


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