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3.Saurornithoides mongoliensis - is the third Osborn theropod described from the Flaming Cliffs. Lt belongs to the Troodontidae family. The large颅eyed were in position that allowed a stereoscopic vision. Saurornithoides mongoliensis might have been adapted to crepuscular or nocturnal predation.


In 1923 at the Flaming Cliffs, Walter Granger found a primitive neoceratopsian that was later named as Protoceratops andrewsi. Protoceratops was the most abundant, completely preserved, and became the most famous dinosaur found by the American Central Asiatic Expeditions.Protoceratops was a small dinosaur, about two meters in length including the tail .It had a rather large head and heavily constructed body. Protoceratops had a large, horny parrot-like beak and broad, well-developed bony frill extending from the back of head.


In 1995, a nest containing 17 protoceratopsid hatchlings was found by the Mongolian-Japanese expedition at the Toogreeg site.

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