Sauropod dinosaurs were found at the Dashuigou locality

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Sauropod dinosaurs were found at the Dashuigou locality

In I960, the expedition team investigated the Alxa ( Alashan ) Gobi area in the western region of Inner Mongolia. Realistic Animatronic Dinosaur The most productive excavations were done at the Dashuigou and Murtu sites. In particular , interesting fossil bones of the Early Cretaceous of theropod and sauropod dinosaurs were found at the Dashuigou locality. The collected material included skeletons that showed features of both advanced iguanodontids and primitive hadrosaurs ( Probactrosaurus, Rozhdestvensky 1966) . A robust claw and some fragments of skull of a large theropod were unearther as well. These were considered to belong to a new carnosaur, Chiliantias&urus. Recently , author of this book assigned this theropod to Therizinosauroidea.


The Late Cretaceous beds at the Murtu site in Jartai, a nearly complete skeleton including the complete skull of an ankylosaur were unearthed. This specimen was studied by P. J. Currie and X. Zhao who name it as Gobisaurus . Probactrosaurus has been suggested to possess intermediate features of the both iguanodontids and hadrosaurs. This dinosaur belonged to a group that probably gave rise to hadrosaurs of the Late Cretaceous.


Unfortunately, due to growing disagreements between USSR and China, Dinosaur costume after two years of successful expeditions, this cooperation was terminated 1960. While the joint expedition team was working at the Alxa Gobi, the Hiissian colleagues got an order to pull out immediately. A very fruitful international cooperation was forced to stop due to political reasons.


In 1962, Rozhdestvensky and his associates came to China again to discuss plans for next research. In fact, they moved all field equipment to Mongolia and borrowed some specimens lor their studies in Moscow. Finally, they described two new species of Probactrosaurus in 1966, however, the specimen has never come hack to China.