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Theme park artificial robotic dinosaurs for sale


animatronic dinosaur for sale


animatronic dinosaur - stegosaurus


animatronic stegosaurus


robotic dinosaur model


life size robotic dinosaur for sale


As we watch the film, like the Jurrasic park, there are diverse kinds of dinosaur species, different dinosaur models, big or small, carnivorous or herbivorous, tall or short, and long neck or short neck; our company has manufactured thousands of dinosaurs, different shapes and colors because of different requirements of the clients.


There are many reasons for different dinosaur models:
1.Different workers: you know that there are many steps and working procedure to finish one dinosaur manufacturing, like the stee frame making, shape modeling, brush coating, paiting, among which the shape modeling and colors painting are the main reasons for the different dinosaur models;

2.Different requirements of the clients: movements setting, skins and stripe making, gestures making, and other special functions requirements;

3.Different usages: different usages can also result to different robot dinosaur models, like some dinosaurs are used in dinosaur parks(can be much more attractive and together with other relative decorations), playgrounds, Zoos, stage show(noval design and bright colors to attract kids), even museums(must be much more vivid and realistic) or other events.


All in all, we will manufacture the robotic dinosaur models based on the original ones, but most of my clients will ask for some special differences and changes, so we will manufacture the dinosaur models according to the details, but the purpose is to meet the demands of different usages, and can be more successful, so before manufacturing dinosaur models, we have to ask the ugages, then begin to produce the dinosaur models based on the specifications, to meet the demands of different places.

Theme park artificial robotic dinosaurs for sale

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