Flying pterosaur

The animatronic dinosaurs are manufactured with diverse control models, such as infrared ray, remote control, radar and coin operated, so the clients should choose the right control model to make the dinosaurs look like more realistic.

Taking an example of the flying pterosaur dinosaur, it is with two wings, with which it can fly in the sky freely million years ago, so now the clients choose the pterosaur with the model of remote control and flying track, to make the dinosaur seemly fly itself.

There are several sensors installed on the nose and feet of the pterosaur, which will precisely calculate and control the route of back and forth, The total steel wire is 34m, and keep the safety, one single horizontal distance is about 8m firstly, then the bilateral distance is about 16m in total; The safe flying distance is designed to 6m; you’d roll about 8m steel wire into each pulley in the left(the power line is also about 8m long, so just can be dragged less than 8m), because the movable steel wire must be longer than the flying distance.

Remote Control Flying Pterosaur

The flying dino is programmed to fly about 50 seconds. if you stop within 50 seconds, then the dino will restart to fly 50 seconds.

There should be two barriers(any insulating material) between the two trees, to keep the safety, the sensors on the nose and feet will make reaction when meeting the barriers, then stop to fly, but will still make movements, only after move over 50 seconds(with nonstop), the flying dino can move back.

If you want to fly much further, then you’d enlarge the steel wire and power line in correspondence, please notice thesafety.

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