Realistic Walking Dinosaur Costume

It must be a big surprise, when seeing the dinosaur walking on the street, on the stage or in some parks, we do think most of the people will be astonished and scared the first time they meet this situation.

Steel frame making, the special workers need to manufacture the steel frame firstly, and we need the clients to inform us of the operators’ sizes, then the steel frame will be made accordingly.

Brush coating, when finishing the modelling of the realistic dinosaur costumes, the workers will make the another process, namely the brush coating on the skin.

Painting colors, the painters need to adjust the oil pigments to meet the demands of the expected colors again and again, then use the air compressor to paint on the skin and modify the texture and stripes.

Realistic Walking Dinosaur Costume

Then the dinosaur suits are perfectly finished, the dinosaurs will seemly bright somewhat, but after one day, the dinosaur skin will become normal.

Testing before transportation,when the colors are dry and clean, we will install the teeth and tongue, then the workers will test the realistic walking dinosaur costumes, if everything is ok, then will make the package and arrange the transportation.

In fact, it is operated by one adult inside, then the main concerned question is coming, namely how the operator walking with the dinosaur costume? To tell the truth, it is easy to control after following the operation instructions.

By the way, the control instruction steps:

Put the Activate Button of Mobile power pack, then press the start button of the power supply, LED Voltage should be not less than 11V, or should be charged firstly.

Insert the attaching plug, and put in the firm place.

  • Operator wear the shoes, get inside the dinosaur costume, put on the belt, then can perform.
  • Pull the hand brake in the left, The dinosaur costume will open the month with roaring voice 1.
  • Pull the hand brake in the right.
  • The dinosaur costume will open the eyes with roaring voice 2.
  • The operating lever can swing from left to right, and up and down, then can control the dinosaur costume, the neck will do the swing correspondingly.
  • The switch in board shape in the front of the Display, is the switch of fans.
  • Shut down the fans switch, can save 40% time of endurance.
  • The operator has to practice before performing better, and can refer to the performance video.

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