Triceratops Costumes

As more and more customers demanding on special models of walking dinosaur costumes, our factory has in fact engaged in the research and development on the new types of dinosaur costumes since last year, now we have successfully make it, two models of the new walking models are finished, one is the Triceratops costumes, another one is Stegosaurus costume, both of them are all worn by two operators together, who will control the movements in coordination.

Realistic Triceratops Costumes In Four Legs

This kind of walking costumes are totally different from the normal ones, which our company has exported hundreds of them all over the world, even some of the clients purchased several times already, that is also one of the reason why the market is becoming much smaller, so they are expecting to own something new to attract kids, then the realistic triceratops costumes in four legs are existed.

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