Simulation Dinosaur

Dinos Park Realistic Size Simulation Animatronic Dinosaur Model

This is the case for dinosaur-themed park in Yunnan China, the clients come to our factory for many times, and he always ordered some dinosaur products in his mind, or just make the decision on the dinosaur model after he see those dinosaurs in stock in the factory, he is always different.

This client will always like the dinosaur model in special shape or color, or even ask highly in the quality and technic, or he would rather not to make the order on the dinosaur, sometimes he will also order some big dinosaur models, which will be put in the place of the mountain as showed, this will be a biog difficulty to our workers when installing.

Now the dinosaur park has owned more than 100 pcs different types of dinosaur models, some static without movements, some are big sizes, some dinosaurs are even with high tech in the movements and control system, anyway, you can find different styles from those dinosaurs in the park, we hope to supply more different dinosaurs for this park in future.

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