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Speaking of the animal king nowadays, we will think of the tiger or lion, they are so strong and fierce, and can compete with any other animal, they are fed with other animals flesh, but in fact, million years ago, there is one much more fierce and stronger animals, if this kind of animal is still alive in the earth, then the tiger and lion will be definitely the food of the animal, the animal is the dinosaur king T-Rex.

Realistic Dinosaur King Model In Our Factory

Does the dinosaurs are very ferocious and fright?

Actually not.

There are indeed beautiful dinosaurs that always gives the impression of fierce, but some dinosaurs are also very pretty.

So we often imagine if those creatures back to earth, we probably do not know the answer.

Let’s talk less, we’ll take you to see the most fascinating dinosaur, namely the dinosaur king.

The picture shows the realistic dinosaur king model made by our company

In any case we will not forget the dinosaur king Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The dinosaur king may be the last non-avian dinosaur still surviving.

It lives in 7000000-655 million years ago in North America. Like other dinosaur king, tyrannosaurus rex is a bipedal carnivore, its huge head is just rightly coincided with the long tail in equilibrium. Compared to its big and strong hind legs, the forelimbs of the dinosaur king T-Rex are very small, but very powerful, which are also provided with two toes.

While some carnivorous theropod dinosaurs are stronger than the dinosaur king Tyrannosaurus Rex in the body size, the dinosaur king T-Rex can be regarded as the largest known Tyrannosaurus rex, is also one of the largest land carnivores, about 42 feet long and about 13 to the hips feet tall, weighing 6.8 tonnes, besides, the dinosaur king is also the top predator.

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