What Is The Realistic Dinosaur Costume

  • It was a hot marketing tool, we created the dinosaur costume, people can wear it, and operate it internally, just as a alive dinosaur, which can run, jump, roar.
  • Compared to Animatronic Dinosaur, it is lightweight, simple to wear, has a smooth and realistic movement, and it is very interactive.
  • You will be like a real dinosaur to chase and play with visitors after wearing our dinosaur costumes.
  • The dinosaur will be roar loudly when the mouth is open. Along with the running, a vivid dinosaur appeared in front of the visitors.

Dinosaur Costume Application Scenes

Children will be shocked, and the adults will also be amazed at the vivid dinosaur.

We often see visitors taking photos with dinosaur costumes, which brings the dinosaurs closer to the visitors. It is a wonderful and unforgettable interactive experience.

It can also be used for stage performances or television shows, with professional screenplays, which can make it even more gripping and engaging.

Realistic Dinosaur Costume Features

realistic dinosaur costume

Size:  Length 3.5-4.2 meters, Width 0.7 mters, Height 1.9-2.2 mters.

Weight: The overall weight is about 18~25 kilograms.

Movements: The head, mouth, neck, tail, body and legs are all designed with unique and ingenious designs, which can imitate the movement of dinosaur joints.

Hot Selling Style: Raptor, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dilophosaurus, Carnotaurus, Triceratops, Allosaurus, etc. Please click dinosaur costume catalog to see more products.

Details of Dinosaur Costume

  • 14 joint design – flexible when performing.
  • 7 types of sounds – you can switch the sounds or make your own sounds.
  • 8-inch monitor – internal large size monitor.
  • Soft teeth – silicone teeth, no hurting problems.
  • Realistic eyeball – can also customize the pupil pattern.
  • Light weight – Newly developed skin fabric reduces weight.

Classification Of Dinosaur Costumes

Hot Selling Dinosaur Costume

T-REX Costume
Raptor Costume
Walking Velociraptor Costume