Super realistic dinosaur costume raptorReleased Time: 2016-5-27

NAME:realistic raptor dinosaur costume

TYPE:walking dinosaur costume

PRODUCT SIZE:Length:4.2m, Wide:0.8m, Height:2m

USAGE:TV show, Street performance, stage performance, Amusement park, Zoo, Schools, Commercial plaza,Party.

MOVEMENTS:1.Eyes Blinking, 2.Mouth open & close, roaring sounds, 3.Head up and down, 4.Neck moving up & down, 5.Tail swaying, 6.Run

MATERIAL:High grade steel; CE motor; Flame retarded sponge; resin; silicone

PACKING:Being packed by Bubble film/DPJD with plastic wrap, then put into wooden cases or air cases, finally put into containers.


Appearance: Customers can customize all kinds of dinosaurs which has two legs(so that you can wear it), including real kinds of dinosaurs, designed(cartoon or drawing) dinosaurs, dinosaurs existed in movies or TV shows.

Sound: Dinosaur roaring and breathing sound

Movements: Normal movements 

1.Mouth open and close with synchronized sound

2.Eyes blink

3.Head moving left to right
4.Neck moving up and down
5.Abdominal breathing 
6.Tail swaying

Wearing this realsitic dinosaur costume, you can walking, running, squating, sitting, etc. : )



super realistic dinosaur costume



raptors costume


Pachypleurosaurus: the pachypleurosaurs were not true nothosaurs hut were closely related. They were quite small and probably lived close to shore or in lagoons, rather like the modern marine iguana. They may have originated in China and migrated to Europe along the northern shores of the Tethys Ocean. The small head suggests that they hunted small fishor shellfish. Features: The tail is deep and obviously used as a swimming organ. The hips and shoulders, although adapted for swimming, are still strong enough to support the animal on land. The head is very small and the structure of the ear suggests that it was sensitive to sounds above the sea surface rather than underwater. Some of the bones are thick, an adaptation associated with buoyancy control in someaquatic animals.

  1. Nick wenban says:

    Do you guys have any costumes laying around for sale? Or how do I go about getting a walking dinosaur costume? I saw a video on Facebook and have tracked you guys down

    1. hu, june says:

      Hi Nick, i did receive your messages, and replied you back already by your email, please check.

      Besides, we keep steel frames in stock, which can allow to finish any kind of normal dinosaur costumes in 5-7 days, you still demand to order some of the normal dinosaur costumes? As you said you are looking for some special dragon costumes with wings, please confirm me back.

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