Dinosaur Costume In Stock

If two dinosaur costumes can interact with each other, can make the fighting scene much more attractive and realistic, just like recovering the dinosaur world, but if there is one more dinosaur costumes together, three dinosaur costumes can be called “stick together”, then it will become the real dinosaur world with a couple or bunch of dinosaur monsters.

Realistic Dinosaur Costume In Stock In Factory

At the beginning, the client only expected to purchase some animatronic dinosaurs in stock, but when the client noticed the dinosaur costume in stock in my factory, he made his decision to purchase together with the dinosaurs, just needing to repaint the colors and emphasizing the brow ridge with yellow color, which is more closer to the nature, and in this condition, the green dinosaur costume is put into the container with the animated dinosaurs.

In this cooperation, my company wanted to help the client more, so decided to giveaway one hand puppet in the model of Triceratops, which i just a baby puppet, the operator can use one of the hands to get inside and control the movements of the dinosaur puppet, nobody can see the mechanism, the audience can be attracted by the “magic show”, the truth is that the shows are of great success.

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