Realistic Dinosaur Costume

Realistic dinosaur costumes are mostly used for performances on stage and street, otherwise, they are also used for mischievous tric by some TV programs, in fact, it can also be used as real estate publicity, programs opening show, shopping mall promotions, birthday parties, children’s park interactive projects, and other park related performances, all of which will be cause people’s attention as long as people are surrounded.

What makes dinosaur costumes greatly different from animatronic dinosaur, dinosaur rides, walking dinosaurs, animatronic animals, dinosaur toy cars and other products is that the operators who control them are trained specially, this will also require the performers to own certain performance skills. Although it is more complicated than the operation of other dinosaur model products, it is much realistic, as the dinosaur costumes can open and close the mouth, blink the eyes, howl and growl, run, jump, squat and turn around, etc.

Dinosaur Costume For Street Performance

Dinosaur costumes show up so lifelike and vivid as to be real, it can not be better for using in activities, no longer embarrassing for silence, also anxious for gathering popularity, the children will be screaming by closely contacting with these realistic dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs costume performing on the street

For any customization, the clients need to tell us the performers’ sizes like height, shoe sizes, shoulder width and other parameters, so that performers can be integrated in the dinosaur costumes, it will be much more comfortable for wearing and performing, and help for relieving the fatigue, we will make the necessary improvements and upgrades at any time, we also make the customer’s valuable suggestions into considerations, all for expecting to provide with the premium dinosaur costumes.

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