Animatronic T-Rex For Theme Park

To begin to provide 30 pcs kinds of animatronic dinosaurs to Chicago park, our factory firstly made one sample based on the model of T-Rex dinosaurs in sizes of 6 meter only, it is all because we are intended to make the client to be rest assured about the quality, like the appearance and colors, even the movements.

Ignoring the prices, our technicians added some of the extra movements like body up and down, and tail up and down, which are always been adopted on bigger dinosaurs like 8m or 10m, and we also make the information board in details exclusively, which can allow the children or kids understand and learn from the history belonging to the T-Rex dinosaur.

Animatronic T-Rex For Theme Park

The set of movements are also specially programmed, which can make the dinosaur to be like as real as possible, the eyes blinking shall be matched up with the mouth opening, and also with the front arms moving, there will be 40 seconds interval for rest, it is also for protecting, now the dinosaur is on the way of airline, will arrive at USA soon, more updates about the Chicago park will be updated soon once the client makes agreements on the second order.

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