Animatronic Dinosaur Head

This animatronic dinosaur head is custom made by a themed restaurant from the UK. The total length is 6 meters(include the body).

Built-in mechanical control system is the key make dinosaurs turn back to life.

Along with synchronised roaring and breathing sounds, a typical model will be able to blink, open and close its mouth, move its head, front body and forelimbs, swing its tail and even spew out water vapour or smoke.

Animatronic Dinosaur Head – Tyrannosaurus Rex

In order to reflect the authenticity and flexibility of tyrannosaurus rex as much as possible, we used silica gel technology and modern science technological means in the production, so that tyrannosaurus rex not only looks realistic shock, but also vivid.

The production of animatronic dinosaur is done according to expertly precise modelling of the fossil skeleton in its original proportions, to constantly improve on every each products to be perfect.

Factory provide overall structure guarantee for one year,customer can be assured use it.

Animatronic dinosaur head can be shipped to all the world by logistics, due to the lightweight easy installtion. It is a great choice for themes restaurant ,activities,all kinds of events,parties.

If you are looking for something that is newfangled,fun,attraction.

Well,animatronic dinosaurs could be the best selection!

We welcome your factory visiting anytime ,contact us to learn more about animatronic dinosaur.

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