What Are Animatronic Animals?

Usually the animatronic animal products we make are composed of prehistoric and modern animals.

An animatronic animal is an animal model made purely by hand based on the real proportion of the animal or data recorded in scientific literature.

We use high-density sponge to stick it on the steel frame, use an art knife to carve the shape of the animal, and then cover a thick layer of silicone on its skin.

Because of the characteristics of silica gel, it makes the skin of the animal model soft and similar to real skin.

At the same time, we installed a motor to drive the animals on the internal steel structure, and matched with our control system to make the limbs of these animals to move, just like real animals.

Like lions, tigers and other animals with fur on their skins, our skilled workers will also use real animal hair to paste on the skins of animal models, which looks and feels very realistic.

Common prehistoric animatronic animals include: mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, saber-toothed tiger, etc.

Common modern animatronic animals are: lions, tigers, elephants, crocodiles and so on.

The application of animatronic animals

The animatronic animal exhibition is a very popular marketing activity in recent years. It is as popular as the animatronic dinosaur exhibition.

It can easily gather people, attract eyeballs, and enable you to achieve very successful marketing effects.

These animals are able to move their limbs, and open their mouths and roar. The overall protection from rain and sun is very suitable for indoor or outdoor exhibitions.

Therefore, you can often see the animatronic animals in zoos, museums, commercial attractions, parks, playgrounds and other places.

The cost of animatronic animal products is low, and the subsequent maintenance is simple. You only need a suitable venue to easily hold an animatronic animal exhibition and make profit for you.

We use high-quality sponge with strict process inspections, therefore, all our animatronic animals are durable.

Endangered animal models in the museum

Animatronic animals are often used in museums as the endangered animals, so as to educate humans that they need to protect the environment.

This is different from ordinary animal specimens, because the animatronic animals can move and bark, visitors will be more impressed with better experience.

Animal models in animal-themed park

You can build an animal-themed park at any time, and place animatronic animal models beside the amusement facilities, so that children can be integrated into the game environment surrounded by animatronic animals.

Children are even more reluctant to leave, parents will also feel that it is excellent value for money.

Animal models in animal-themed park

You may have some worries about holding an animatronic animal exhibition! Contact us immediately, we will advise and provide some professional business plans for your reference.

Animatronic animal production process

  1. Modeling design: According to the needs of customers, we make the modeling of animatronic animals into plane renderings or 3D models, and then convert them into CAD production drawings.
  2. Steel structure and drive motor installation: According to the CAD design drawing, make the internal steel structure of the animal, the size of the production is consistent with the design drawing, and then install the drive motor on the moving parts.
  3. Electrical circuit wiring: connect the drive motor, install various detection switches, and then test the working current of each motor is normal.
  4. Coated high-density sponge: Cover the sponge on the steel frame of the animal model, to prepare for the next step of carving the shape.
  5. Shape carving: Skilled artists use an art knife to carve the animal’s muscles according to the requirements of the design drawings. Usually we will confirm with the customer before moving on to the next process.
  6. Texture and skin making: Use a high-temperature electric soldering iron to make lines on the surface of the sponge, these lines are also consistent with the design, and then cover a layer of fiber cloth on the surface, to enhance the strength of the skin and prevent from tearing.
  7. Hair bonding: For animals like lions, tigers and other products, we need to bond real animal hair on the skin surface to achieve a realistic appearance and feel. This step requires patience and is usually made by female skilled workers.
  8. Skin color spraying: spray color on the animal’s skin according to the customer’s demands. This step will also be repeatedly confirmed with the customer.
  9. Installation accessories: After installing the teeth, tongue and other accessories of the animal model.
  10. Factory test: Connect the animatronic animal model to the control box, and conduct a series of factory test, which will last at least 24 hours, and the purpose is to test mechanical running-in and electrical parts.

Step 1

Steel structure and drive motor installation

Step 2

Electrical circuit wiring

Step 3

Coated high-density sponge

Step 4

Coated high-density sponge

Step 5

Texture and skin making

Step 6

Hair bonding

Step 7

Skin color spraying

Step 8

Factory test

You may have some worries about holding an animatronic animal exhibition! Contact us immediately, we will advise and provide some professional business plans for your reference.