Realistic adult animatronic dinosaur costume

 animatronic dinosaur costume


Animatronic Dinosaur Costume
Name Realistic adult animatronic dinosaur costume
Dimension Length: 4.2 M, Height: 1.92 M (can be customized)
Weight 22-25 KG(for all new design realisticT-Rex costumes)
Materials Stainless steel, high density foam, silicone rubber, pigment
Movements 1.Eyes blinking
2.Mouth open and close with diverse sounds
3.Neck up and down
4.Neck left and right
5.Neck twisting
6.Front claws moving
7.Tail moving
8.Walking and running with the dinosaur costumes
Packing case Our company provide one packing case for free, the packing sizes are always 3*0.88*1.2, special dinosaur costumes will be a little different in the height.
Delivery time 10-15 days to manufacture 1-3 pcs, the delivery time will depend on the quantity of final order.
Packing With one interior layer of plastic film to keep the costume from the dust, and the exterior layer of bubble film to keep from the damage.
Transport By sea, by truck, by train, or by air, depending on your choices.
Using scope Indoor and outdoor park, amusement park, water park, theme park, shopping mall, wedding party, plaza, movie, stage and all kinds of events.


Realistic animatronic dinosaur costume


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Extended reading:

Seen from a distance, a live Brontosaurus would appear not to have any head at all. Both neck and tail would just seem to taper gradually to a point both fore and aft. Up close the head would appear, of course—about the size of an average horse’s. Less than two feet of brontosaur head to go with seventy feet of neck, body, and tail. A two-foot horse’s head, with a mouthful of big molar teeth, can feed an eight-hundred-pound horse body. Animatronic dinosaur manufacturers A two-foot brontosaur head, with only a handful of pencil-size front teeth, had to feed twenty or thirty tons of body. Obviously, the standard orthodoxy has it, the brontosaur’s extreme microcephaly imposed severe dietary restrictions. Only the most nutritious and softest of water vegetation would have met the stringent requirements. And even with a superabundant supply of such green mush, the bron-tosaur’s metabolism would still had to have been incredibly low— somewhere between the level of a tortoise’s and a cactus’s—for the great beast to survive at all.